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Flying To The North Pole

A new solo journey planned for July, 2018

Wayne Maynard has been a volunteer pilot with Angel Flight South Central for 8 years. He has planned a North Pole Journey (July 14–28, 2018) to raise awareness about AFSC and to garner $60,000 in donations to support its operations.

Wayne will fly the same aircraft he uses for Angel Flights, his Columbia 350, from Dallas Love Field to the North Pole and back. Supporters have the opportunity to attend the launch party at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, receive a call from Wayne while flying over the North Pole, have their company’s decal affixed to his plane, follow his travels via satellite tracking and video posts online, and hear all about his adventures at the return party. Sponsor and you’ll be helping to fly people to life-saving medical treatment.

What is Angel Flight South Central?

Angel Flight South Central (AFSC) helps people who need free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. Angel Flight’s volunteer pilots provide transportation at no cost to passen-gers.  Since 1991, our pilots have flown over 32,000 missions and have contrib-uted over $90 million to this effort.

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A note from Wayne

My involvement with Angel Flight South Central began when I received a phone call from my brother-in-law, Dr. Jack Bolton informing me he had been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer at age 53. Prior to that day, Cancer was something that happened to people outside of my family, not to us. According to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer during their lifetimes.  I learned quickly, it was not only the patient that had Cancer, it was like the whole family had Cancer.  Jack began a treatment program at MD Anderson in Houston in 2009, requiring him to make numerous trips there over the next year. I introduced him to Angel Flight South Central who connected him with their volunteer pilots, ready to transport him, for free, from his home in West Texas to MD Anderson in Houston.

North Pole Journey is my way of spreading the word of the valuable resource Angel Flight South Central can be to Cancer patients like Jack.  I flew to the North Pole in 2010 in his honor.  I funded 100% of the mission cost then, and will do the same for North Pole Journey 2018, I only suggest you consider making a donation to Angel Flight South Central. This year I am retracing my journey, over the Canadian Tundra and the Polar Ice Cap in honor of my “like a brother friend” Charles Richard Womack who fell to Cancer on November 11, 2017 at age 67.

I’m asking for your support to Angel Flight South Central.  Your donation may be denominated in dollars, but it’s really denominated in Angel Flight missions.  Each $100 funds the process of vetting and arranging one Angel Flight South Central mission and finding pilots to fly the requested mission.  Angel Flight South Central pilots do the rest by donating their time, the fuel and their aircraft. 

Please help make a difference to families and patients! 

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North Pole Journey - 2018